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Easy, Modular, Modern Pergola Hardware Kits

Pergola Bracket Kits for Wood Posts, Fit Any Space

Most pergola kits come set at a fixed size that don't always fit your space. That's not the case with Bjorn Woodworks’ steel pergola bracket kit. Simply purchase our modular pergola hardware kit, purchase and cut your wood to size, and install. Our pergola bracket kits make it easy to turn an average backyard into a robust living space.


The Bjorn Woodworks' shop offers Pergola Shoulder Brackets, Pergola Foot Brackets, and a Pergola Bracket Kit. These custom pergola materials are used to form a modular and functional pergola. Some of the possibilities of pergola kits can be used to create the following:

  • Outdoor Kitchens with a Pergola

  • Wood Patio Coverings

  • Corner Pergolas

  • Attached Pergolas

  • Free Standing Pergolas