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Joist Hangers
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    Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers are the premium solution for building secure and stylish pergolas, lean-to shelters, and any other project that requires connecting beams to support a roof. These brackets are crafted from heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel, making them significantly stronger than competitor products, which are often made from thinner, 16 or 18-gauge steel. This translates to superior load-bearing capacity and increased peace of mind for your structure.


    But strength isn't the only area where Bjorn Woodworks Joist brackets excel. We've also incorporated a deeper sleeve design to provide additional support and reduce the risk of warping, a common concern with lesser joist hangers. This enhanced stability is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your pergola or lean-to over time.

    The Bjorn Difference: Strength, Stability, and Modern Aesthetics

    At Bjorn Woodworks, we understand that you desire a building solution that is not only functional but also visually appealing. That's why our joist hanger boast a sleek, modern design that complements the clean lines of contemporary pergolas and leans-to shelters.

    Here's a closer look at the key features that set Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers apart:

    • Superior Strength: 14-Gauge Steel Construction
    • Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers are manufactured from robust, 14-gauge steel. This thicker steel provides exceptional strength compared to hangers made from thinner gauges of steel, which are more prone to bending and structural failure under load. Our heavy-duty hangers ensure that your pergola or lean-to can withstand significant weight, providing the security you need for your investment.
    • Enhanced Stability: Deeper Sleeve Design
    • We've incorporated a deeper sleeve design into our joist hangers. This seemingly minor detail makes a significant difference. The deeper sleeve offers improved support for the joist, minimizing the potential for warping or twisting. Over time, traditional joist hangers can allow for slight movement in the joist, which can lead to misalignment and structural issues. The superior stability offered by Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers helps to prevent these problems, ensuring the lasting integrity of your project.
    • Modern Design Aesthetic
    • While strength and stability are paramount, we recognize the importance of aesthetics. Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers feature a clean, modern design that complements the contemporary style of pergolas and lean-to shelters.The smooth finish and uncluttered lines add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor structure, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing landscape or architectural style.
    • Fast and Easy Installation
    • Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hanger are designed for quick and straightforward installation. The hangers feature pre-drilled holes that perfectly match the size of recommended nails or screws (sold separately). This eliminates the need for time-consuming field drilling and ensures a precise fit for a secure connection.

    Choosing the Right Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hanger Size

    Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hangers are available in two sizes to accommodate your project's specific needs:

    • 2x4 Joist Hangers: These hangers are ideal for projects that utilize 2x4 lumber for the joists. Our 2x4 joist hangers provide ample strength and support for smaller pergolas, lean-to shelters, walkways, and other applications where lighter weight construction is suitable.
    • 2x6 Joist Hangers: For projects requiring a more robust structure, our 2x6 joist hangers are the perfect choice.Engineered to support heavier loads, these hangers are ideal for larger pergolas, carports, and any application where you'll be using 2x6 lumber for the joists.

    Finding the Perfect Joist Hanger for Your Project

    When selecting joist hanger for your pergola or lean-to shelter, it's crucial to consider the size and weight of the roof structure and the intended use of the space. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right Bjorn Woodworks Joist Hanger for your project:

    • Smaller Pergolas and Lean-To Shelters: For pergolas or lean-to shelters with a lightweight roof structure, such as shade cloth or corrugated plastic panels, our 2x4 joist hangers will provide ample support.
    • Larger Pergolas and Lean-To Shelters: If you're planning a larger pergola or lean-to shelter that will support a heavier roof, such as shingles or metal roofing, opting for our 2x6 joist hangers is recommended.


    *Recommended to always work with a contractor and local municipal guidelines for the number of joists and spacing between when using to support a roof.


    Joist brackets have a 5-7 Day manufacturing lead time after order.