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Lean-to Shelter Kit
  • Lean-to Shelter Kit


    With Bjørn Woodworks new lean-to shelter kit, we’ve got you covered! This innovative kit allows customers to easily build an angled roof over their treasured belongings. These 5 degree, sloped, 4x4, 6x6, and 6x6 rough cut brackets (sized for standard lumber ie 3.5" x 3.5", 5.5" x 5.5", 6"x6" respectively) work perfect as a starter for a carport kit, lean to shed kits, covered pergola, cook shack kit, storage sheds and much more. Build up-to a 18’x12’x10’. Add extender kit(s) to make this baby as wide as your heart desires. Unlike competitors products, our kit is truly unique for a few reasons:


    1- Our open top design ensures roofing can be installed on a single plane (if they were fully boxed in, it would create a kink/divot in the roofing).


    2- Through trial and error we’ve found that simply ending the roof at the edge of a structure allows rain/snowfall to land on anything situated near the edge of the covered area. This is why we’ve created an open end that allows for an overhang up to 3’ off of the structure.


    3- Lastly, our robust structural design is composed of powder coated, 12 GA/2.6 MM thick carbon steel, that’s reinforced by a build in gusseted angles. Perfect for a DIY lean to.


    This kit comes equipped with:

    (4) Corner Angled Brackets

    (4) Foot Brackets

    (16) Black Concrete Anchors

    *All Necessary Matching Black Lag Bolts, needed for install

    Simply add joists (for support) and roofing panels to make this a strong structure.


    Kit manufacturing lead times are currently estimated at 5-10 business days for standard 4x4 and 6x6 sized kits. 6x6 rough cut kits are estimated at 10-15 buiness days. 


    *** NOTE*** These Angled brackets were designed & developed for you to erect an angled roof structure. For any customizations outside the intended or indicated use of the pergola as shown, we advise consulting with an engineer as well as our ’Structures’ page. Always check your local building codes, HOA, and municipal requirements in advance of building as they vary by city/state and region.

    • Recommended to anchor your structure to poured concrete. Adding joists to a roofing structure is absolutely necessary for both rain and snow load and wind load stability.