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45° Degree Louver Brackets
  • 45° Degree Louver Brackets


    These 45 degree louvered pergola brackets make it very easy to add 2x4 and 2x6 slats to the top of your pergola. Why are the 45 degrees and not just straight up and down like you'd see on a traditional pergola? Great question!  Well, aside from from the obvious aesthetic upgrade, we designed these brackets to actually cast shade as the sun is directly over head and goes down. Simply angle your slats downward toward where the sun is will set in your yard, and you'll have the optimal amount of shade with the peak amount of style!


    Bracket kits are sold in sets of 2 to support one slat. Wanting to add 7 slats? Order 7 kits, savvy? Order in sets of 5 to get the best bang for your buck.


    Ships in 2-3 business days!