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At Bjorn Woodworks, we fully embrace our Danish background and strive to honor our ancestors. Our families mean everything to us, and it’s family that inspires us to come to work every day. We aim to create products that not only provide families with a place to gather, but an opportunity to create experiences and memories that last a lifetime. Creating pergola kits is not just a job for us, it’s a chance to make someone else’s dream come true! The best memories are formed when we’re around a fire with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine (grape juice in our case, haha) and good food. You see, everything you could ever want is right here on Earth... as long as you know where to look for it.


If you have ever taken a moment to study Nordic culture, you have undoubtedly uncovered a relentless love of the outdoors. While our humble roots in Utah may be geographically distant from Nordic paradise, we maintain this same love and appreciation for outdoor environments. In our most cherished moments, we find ourselves outside, surrounded by those that we love.


It is one thing to be within the great outdoors, distant from city lights and noise, but at Bjorn Woodworks, we aim to imitate this blissful escape within our own backyards. We hope that everyone has a chance to turn their backyard into a gathering space that leaves your family reminiscing for years to come. It’s the desire we have to spend time with our families that got us thinking about pergola kits in the first place. Speaking from our own experience, pergolas create the ultimate backyard hangout. (The dogs love it, too.)


Spending time with your family is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For us, there is no greater joy. What better way to spend your most enjoyable moments than out in nature, surrounded by beauty?

Bjorn Woodworks

Based in Utah, USA. 

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