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Pergola Foot Bracket
  • Pergola Foot Bracket

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    It's tough to find a pergola that's totally modular and has the ability to fit the size of any space. With Bjorn Woodworks Pergola Brackets, those days are over. Using Bjorns Pergola Brackets size and shape is completely up to you, just cut your timbers to your desired length and depth and assemble with your pergola kit!


    • Foot Bracket Accommodates standard 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" lumber (exact measurements 3.5" x 3.5" or 5.5" x 5.5" respectively).
    • Now Available in 6x6 Rough Cut Lumber that measures at exact 6"x6"
    • Finished with Flat Black Powder Coating
    • Easy and intuitive installation
    • Fully enclosed, Box Steel Design 


    Standard 4x4 and 6x6 ships in 2 -3 business days! Rough Cut Ship in 5-10 Business days. 



      Shipping available in the continental US only. For orders outside of our standard shipping area please contact us at

    • Outdoor Living with Bjorn Woodworks

      When you buy your pergola foot bracket from Bjorn Woodworks, you’re building a solid foundation for your future in the great outdoors. Our team will save you the cost and hassle of hiring and arranging labor through a third-party labor provider. When you go through Bjorn Woodworks, all you have to focus on is the thrill and challenge of your fantastic DIY project.


      Pergola foot brackets are only one part of the building process that we make so easy. We also don't require complex digging or any ground screw installations. All we need is a few strong hands to lift your pergola post base into the boot. From there, you just secure the pergola foot bracket to its surface and enjoy pleasant shade all year round.

    • The Best Terrains for a Pergola

      Pergola foot brackets, if properly installed, will essentially be set for life. Plus, our pergola post brackets prevent the need for intensive digging and pipework, which affords you all the flexibility you need so you can build anywhere. With Bjorn Woodworks products, you can set up your beautiful pergola on a deck, a brick, stone, or concrete surface, and even on a pavestone patio!


      Cement is a very reliable material and can support your pergola well if you are looking to place foot brackets directly into the ground. To double-check your framework has a good base, verify the cement is at least six inches deep. The same rule applies when pouring a floor of cement over paving stone.

    • How to Install Pergola Foot Brackets

      Our foot bracket design fits a pergola post base 6x6 or 4x4 inches, depending on the measurements of your lumber. And for installing the pergola itself, all you need is one of the following:


      • Drill with a half-inch socket bit
      • One-eight inch wood drill bit
      • Tape measure
      • Level
      • Pencil 
      • Step ladder
      • Tarp or rug


      We suggest rallying two of your friends (if they’re good with their hands, that’s a plus) to help you with this project. Once you and your friends are ready, follow our easy directions and build your pergola post base as a team. When the base is prepared, the three or four of you can lift the framework and slide each leg into a boot.


      Once the pergola is standing, and each leg is in a pergola post bracket, screw in the lag bolts to fasten the base to the bracket. 


      Next, you need to make sure the legs are level and properly spaced apart, which is where your level and tape measure come in, respectively. Once that’s been done, you can go ahead and secure the pergola foot bracket on whatever surface it’s standing.

    • The Benefits of a Pergola

      Since COVID-19 hit, more and more people have taken advantage of their outdoor spaces. A pergola is a perfect place to entertain guests or relax in privacy, which offers you protection from the elements, affords your plants a nice living space, makes for a great building block that can combine with other structures, and holds a potential return on investment of 50-80%! 


      What’s more, by building your pergola yourself, you have complete control over the design and which material of wood you use. 


      Buy your pergola post brackets from Bjorn Woodworks, and we'll help you start something beautiful.