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Handcrafted, artistically conceived, and naturally elegant, Bjørn Woodworks is a kinship of craftsmen dedicated to the idea that the greatest beauties of this world are found in nature. Our art is heaven-given; our product simply makes it functional. Our modular pergola kits are an excellent addition to any space.

Explore more of what Bjørn Woodworks has to offer where you can find information on our modular pergola kits and pergola materials. We also offer helpful instructions for constructing your pergola and a blog with modern pergola ideas.

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Why Bjorn



All of our products are created by craftsman in a state of the art fabrication shop. We know what our customers need because we are also customers! We create the quality that we expect and would buy for our own projects.

Don't trust the cheap products, trust the makers!



When it comes to setting up your modular diy pergola, it really helps to have something created at exactly the dimensions you need. A perfect 90 degree bracket will make a perfect 90 degree pergola. Your pergola will turn out as good as your brackets allow. Which is why we're so committed to precision!



Yes, our name is "Bjorn" and yes we know it's of Scandinavian decent. However, so are we. Our ancestors hail from Scandinavia and were prolific in their ability to work with wood. Which is why when creating the company, we made a nod to the ancestors but created in the USA with the worlds best equiment.



We love to DIY pergolas and just about everything else in our lives which is why all of our products allow for customers to put their own personal touch on their project. Make a shaded structure that fits your area and not some preconfigured kit that allows no flexibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we offer a connecting bracket, also known as a T bracket?

We sure do! And many more bracket options are always coming out so go ahead and plan out that crazy build, we got you.

Can we make custom brackets?

Of Course! Just write in to and we'll see if we can help you out!

How big can I build my pergola kit?

As big as you can dream! While we suggest building each section up to 12x12 by 9ft tall, additional brackets can be added to go bigger and better!

What gauge steel do we use?

We use industry leading ultra-thick, 12 GA (2.6 mm), steel design sealed in black powder-coating. We dare you to find tougher brackets.

Can I use pressure-treated wood with the brackets?

Yes, we suggest using pressure-treated wood to avoid rotting in the weather. Just ensure that the timbers measure 3.5"x3.5" For 4x4 lumber and 5.5"x5.5" for 6x6 lumber so that they fit in our brackets.

Do we offer a shade sail?

We don't currently offer shade sails but each kit comes equipped with shade sail brackets that make mounting a shade sail a breeze.

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