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Why You Should Add a Pergola to Your Yard

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Are you looking to spruce up your backyard and create a beautiful space where you actually want to spend time? If so, you should consider modern pergola kits that offer a variety of benefits for financial and personal reasons.

Why do you need a pergola for your yard? What is the purpose of a pergola? A custom pergola gives you great privacy, adds value to your property, makes your backyard look really attractive, and turns your backyard into a place YOU want to be.

Pergolas Create Privacy in Your Backyard

Backyards come in all forms, but if you've got nothing back there, it can feel pretty exposed. Being neighborly is great, but sometimes you just want PRIVACY. We all do.

Pergolas are open structures, and certainly one of their great benefits includes the open-air feeling.

The Bjorn Woodworks pergola kits also allow you to use drapes or lattices to give you the privacy you want and need. Depending on the design, you can easily hang plants from the pergola to beautify your space and give you even more privacy. If you want a hot tub, you can use the pergola with a lattice to create a private space to relax.

Bjorn Woodworks designs pergola kits with a flat roof and pergola beams for decorative outdoor use.

Enhances the Appearance of Your Backyard

Too many people have forgettable backyards. It's a place where weeds and grass grow. Maybe your kids will play back there. Mostly you're there just to mow the lawn. It's also not a place you really want to look at. If your kitchen faces the backyard, you may just keep the blinds down.

A custom pergola immediately enhances the appearance of your backyard. Suddenly your backyard is a place you want to look at AND a place you want to be.

Consider the following modern pergola design options.

You can either use a pergola kit or have one custom built to fit your design needs. With Bjorn Woodworks, even the kit allows you to customize your pergola. You can cut the wood yourself to do exactly what you need for your yard.

The range of materials available also allows you to create stunning pergolas.

There's a whole range of beautiful wood you can use: pressure-treated, cedar. You can also use vinyl if you want to save money, or fiberglass if you have a little more in your budget.

One possibility is the most popular choice: a shaded seating area. Imagine a warm day with a nice breeze. You want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with your friends and family with a glass of cold lemonade. Go into your backyard underneath a shaded pergola and relax on couches with soft cushions.

Then there's the rainy day that inevitably comes. No worries there either. A modern pergola rain cover allows you to enjoy the outdoors under any conditions.

Gives You More Things To Do Outside

Modern pergolas kits give you so many things to do outside. It provides a framework for gathering people together.

Imagine having a birthday party and attaching a pinata to the beams. Put down a brick patio with a bunch of chairs. Let the kids take the stick and watch the candy fly.

Or maybe you want to have a party with friends at night. You've got your fire pit, lanterns hanging from the beams, and you're having yourself a good time.

If you want to use the pergola as a place to gather, why not use it to enjoy a dinner together with friends? You can attach the pergola to the house, put a grill underneath, and even install an outdoor kitchen pergola.

Adds Value to Your Property

You know how certain things automatically add value to your house and property? Like stainless steel appliances that have that shine factor. People love them, and the property value goes up as a result.

The same is true for your custom pergola. Experts say that pergolas can get 50 - 80% return on investment. That's a deal worth taking.

Imagine you're house hunting. You walk into a backyard. Maybe there's a concrete slab, grass, dirt, a broken-down swing set. We've been there.

Now, imagine a backyard, same size, same neighborhood. But this time there's a gorgeous custom pergola, hanging plants, a fire pit, and brick patio. The whole works.

Which one of these do you think will have a higher property value, all else being equal? The question answers itself.

More than that, people want more and more to experience life outside. People want options. They want to spend time inside and enjoy themselves. But they want the option, also, to go outside and have a good time. Modern pergola kits give people that option.

The Choice Is Clear

At this point, we hope it's pretty clear that getting a pergola kit with Bjorn Woodworks is a good investment for personal and financial reasons. You'll get the privacy and beauty that you've always wanted in the backyard. And you'll have a space that you actually want to spend time in, rather than a space you want to avoid.

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