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Using Solar Power With Your Pergola

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The flat roof seen on solid roof pergolas are perfect for solar panels.

Imagine standing out on your deck shaded by a new pergola, looking across your beautifully landscaped garden, birds singing in the background, and the sun dazzling down over it all.

Come nightfall, you’re on your deck with some friends. The garden is lit up with beautifully bright outdoor pergola lights draping down from your pergola.

But what if you could go one step further and create an even better outdoor space? One that powers itself? Saves on your annual electric bill? What if you could even have power for your outdoor appliances?

What Is a Solar Pergola?—By Definition

A solar panel pergola is essentially a pergola with solar panels on top. The structure is one of the best decoration ideas for your outdoor space and is something simple yet provides amazing benefits.

Let’s find out why pergolas are great for solar, how you can add lights to your pergola, and the benefits of doing so.

What Makes the Pergola Structure Perfect for Solar?

A solid roof pergola is ultimately designed to produce shade, and by virtue of its purpose, it gets bathed in sunlight throughout the day. Instead of the sun sending rays onto the wooden frame, solar panels can use that energy and convert it into power.

Installing a solar pergola is a smart choice if you live in a region that is particularly sunny and want to upgrade the features of your house to facilitate long-term benefits for yourself and the environment.

Pergola structures are also very easy to set up. Please look at our simple instructions for installing one of our pergola kits.

Adding Solar Power Lights To Your Pergola

One of the main uses for having solar panels on your pergola is lighting.

There are some amazing pergola lighting ideas. Perhaps some beautiful fairy lights hanging from the beams of the pergola’s roof or wrapped beautifully around the posts?

If you love spending time around the fire at dusk or being out on your deck in the evening, then you’re going to want lights on your pergola. It just adds that extra touch and makes for a beautiful garden feature, even at night.

Many stylish pergola lights can be powered via solar.

Benefits of Having a Solar Panel Pergola

Aside from being a beautiful garden feature that can transform your outdoor space, adding solar to it brings in a whole array of benefits.

· Light your garden/deck space at night

· Save on electricity

· Use solar power for other appliances

· It's eco-friendly

· Unlimited warranty (lifetime use)

Bjorn Woodworks Offers a Foundation for Building a Solar Pergola

If you need to get set up with a pergola and later install solar, then Bjorn Woodworks has what you need. We have a set-up kit that offers a solid foundation for building a solar pergola.

Once you have ordered one of our pergola kits, check out the full instructions for installing it. You’ll be well on your way to having a beautiful pergola that can support solar panels with lights that pay for themselves.

Our kits are simple to set up and only require a basic set of recommended tools.

Once you have the foundations in place and a solid base structure for your pergola, then you can start making it your own. Adding solar panels to the top will be an incredible way to add some function, but there are plenty of other decorative features you can add to make a unique feature out of it.

Solar Pergola—Summarized

Setting up a pergola is an attractive garden feature, while also serving a purpose of shade and cover at night time.

Adding solar panels that power lights and potentially other outdoor appliances is a smart choice when you’ve got a structure designed to be under the sun. You’ll save on electricity and have a beautiful eco-friendly garden feature that looks amazing both night and day.

All while it pays for itself…

Please reach out if you want to learn more about solar pergolas and solar pergola lights. We’d love to discuss your project.

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