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Unique and Modern Ideas for Pergola Privacy

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Pergolas give many opportunities for designing your own form of nature-inspired privacy.

A pergola is a simple, elegant garden structure made of vertical pillars that support a lattice, crossbeams, canvas, or another similar element. Pergolas are a brilliant way to add some shade, privacy, plant life, or comfortable seating to your outdoor space.

There are many different kinds of pergolas, but some of the most common include:

  • Free Standing Pergola: This type of structure stands independently without any external support. They are often used to provide shade or as a pergola with vines.

  • Attached Pergola: As the name suggests, these pergolas are partially attached to an existing structure. Attached pergolas are an attractive way to transition from your indoor space to your outdoor space.

  • Corner Pergola: This type of pergola uses a three-sided design instead of four, making it ideal for using up any awkward, unused space you might have around your yard.

Pergolas are incredibly versatile garden features; with so many different configurations, they can fit into any space. Beyond that, there are many ways to style them; whether you need to create some privacy, shade, or you want to create a whole new outdoor space, you can use a pergola's simple design to suit your needs.

Growing Bamboo for Pergola Privacy

Adding a pergola privacy wall can change your outdoor space completely, but you will get a very different outcome depending on how you style it. A bamboo pergola or bamboo accent, for example, will make your backyard feel like a far-off oasis or island retreat, no matter where you live. And, while you're enjoying drinks in your new getaway, you'll appreciate the way bamboo provides natural privacy because of its height.

One great way to make use of bamboo in your space is to create a hot tub pergola privacy screen. Bamboo can be grown in pots and used to add privacy exactly where you want it, or you can grow a whole wall of bamboo to update your space. Bamboo grows quickly, which means you won't have to wait decades for your shade to fill out, but it's also invasive in most places, so make sure not to plant it directly into your garden bed.

Adding Greenery to Your Pergola

Another way to personalize your outdoor space is to add greenery to your pergola. A common solution is to create a pergola with vines; this is a beautiful way to add just the right amount of shade or free up some space in the garden. Whether you want to invite Mediterranean vibes with a grapevine, add a splash of color with bougainvillea, or keep it classic with ivy, trailing vines can turn your pergola into a true showstopper. You can also use vines along with a privacy screen to create an even more personal space. This solution is perfect for a secluded spot to drink your morning coffee, read in the dappled sunlight, or if you simply want to add some depth and interest to your yard.

Installing Panels and Screens for Pergola Privacy

If you want to take your outdoor space to the next level, you might consider adding roof panels or screens to a pergola. These additions can help provide shelter from the rain, wind, sand, bugs, and much more while giving you a space that feels like a true addition to your home.

To preserve the open-air quality of a pergola, many people, when looking to add a roof, choose to use clear corrugated panels, but there are many options, including canvas, metal, and fiberglass. There are also a variety of ways to enclose the sides. You could consider pergola curtains to help shield you from the sun, canvas for something more permanent, or even a bug screen for those warm summer nights.

Pergolas Add Privacy on Their Own

There is an endless array of beautiful ways to use a pergola to update or upgrade your space, but the reality is that the simplicity of a pergola looks great and adds privacy all on its own. Whether you choose to use one near the pool or hot tub for an outdoor kitchen or to add a shady spot to sit in, your new pergola will help carve out the space and privacy you need for your favorite activities.

Last Word

Pergolas may have one of the simplest architectural designs out there, but that simplicity is what makes them so versatile, practical, and timeless. Depending on your available space, you can choose to create a free-standing pergola, an attached pergola, or a corner pergola. There are countless ways to style your pergola privacy area, so it fits you and your space perfectly.

Using bamboo, trailing vines, curtains, and privacy screens are some of the most popular options, but the minimalist design of the pergola can support almost any idea you could imagine or look great all on its own.

If you're looking to build a pergola in your outdoor space, start by browsing Bjorn Woodworks pergola kits today.

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