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Ideas for Great Backyard Entertainment With a Pergola

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Enhance your backyard entertainment with a modern pergola kit from Bjorn Woodworks.

Prepare for your next backyard party or unforgettable family evening with a modern pergola. Explore pergola ideas today to see how a pergola kit can customize your outdoor entertainment venue and refresh your property with a comfortable, stylish addition.

A pergola is an incredibly flexible structure, but a kit makes it even more convenient. A modular hardware kit helps you design your new backyard structure to accommodate one or more of these entertainment ideas.

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen pergola expands your entertaining possibilities with a second area to prepare food and drinks. With this setup, the pergola acts as a shaded and secure structure to make your outdoor kitchen safe and comfortable.

Just like your interior kitchen, your outdoor area can be fully customized to match your lifestyle. Are you simply looking for a shaded area for your grill? Or do you want to create a fully realized kitchen area with a refrigerator, sink and other appliances?

When you build a custom pergola using a kit, you can expand the dimensions to match your designs.

Once you determine the size and layout of your outdoor food preparation area, it’s time to personalize it. Here are some additions to make your pergola even more practical:

Pergola lights: Add string lights or other overhead options to your kitchen to cook in the evening. You don’t need to shut down the grill or clean up the kitchen area at sunset but continue to enjoy time with your friends and family well into the night.

Retractable cover: A cover creates an outdoor kitchen area that you can use even when it’s raining or when the sun is uncomfortably bright. The beams of a pergola add some protection, but you can install a permanent or retractable cover to tailor your exposure to the elements.

Concrete or tile floor: An easy-to-clean floor encourages you to use your outdoor kitchen more often. These materials are comfortable, durable and can be personalized to match your outdoor kitchen design.

Outdoor appliances: From a grill to a fully functional kitchen design, dream up the outdoor kitchen you want and be confident that your pergola kit can expand to cover the area.

Eat-in pergola: Why stop at a kitchen? A pergola is also a convenient cover for an outdoor eating area. Install a large one to cover both areas or construct two nearby structures for a backyard you can live in.

Swinging and Napping in a Pergola

The sturdy structure of a pergola kit is the perfect place to hang a swinging chair. Attach individual chairs, a bench or hammock hooks to take an afternoon nap in your new favorite backyard spot.

As you review the steps to build a pergola, be sure to choose dimensions that allow room for these outdoor activities. A swinging chair or bench needs plenty of room to not crowd out other activities in your pergola and hammocks need specific dimensions for convenient installation.

Be sure to follow the pergola installation steps carefully for a safe experience. Choosing the right structural elements and properly securing your pergola to the ground are key steps in keeping your swinging furniture safe.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

Gather around a fireplace, TV or a circle of comfortable chairs to transform your backyard into your second living room. These convenient wood patio covers can be sized to fit your existing patio and provide shade for outdoor conversations.

Add a few support pieces near one of the corner support beams and you’ll have a sturdy mounting location for a TV. Be sure the area is safe from the rain with a roof cover or bring your TV in and out with a mobile entertainment system. Explore these helpful resources for more inspiration on outdoor living room pergola designs.

Enjoy Outdoor Movie Nights

A television is a common focal point for an outdoor living room, but why not create a full movie theater experience? Many modern pergola designs incorporate a large-screen TV or projector system to entertain a crowd.

Install a snack bar to complete the experience. A luxury setup might include a small sink, popcorn machine and fully stocked refrigerator, but you can also enjoy outdoor movie nights with a movable microwave cart.

Be sure your projector and sound system is properly protected from the elements. You can choose to keep these items safe inside and bring them out on a movable cart or shelter them with a waterproof cover installed on your pergola.

Turn Your Pergola Into a Beautiful Garden

Complement the natural wood tones and outdoor setting with a backyard garden. A pergola kit makes gardening convenient and helps create a natural outline for a flower or vegetable garden.

Explore pergola kit options to find the right one for your garden. Choose a kit to cover your existing area or start with a pergola and design your green space to match. Here are some popular garden ideas to get you started:

• Vegetable garden with raised beds

• Sitting area surrounded by perennial flower beds

• Potted plants to complement your outdoor kitchen or living room

Explore Pergola Kits by Bjørn Woodworks

For more garden, living room and outdoor kitchen ideas, explore pergola kits by Bjørn Woodworks. Contact us today to answer any questions about your modular, modern pergola hardware. From wood options to design ideas, find the inspiration you need to get started on your backyard transformation.

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