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Decoration Ideas for a Backyard Pergola

There are many different design and decoration ideas to make your pergola modern and elegant.

In this blog, we list all the ways to make your pergola modern and elegant with the help of our modern pergola kit. Don't be surprised if one, or all, of your family/friends are eager to know how you did it (and trust us that they most certainly will!)

When you invest in a pergola kit, we feel it is necessary to provide you with insight on how to make your pergola a charming outdoor sanctuary. There are many different ways to customize your pergola, and here are some of the more popular and creative ways to do so.

Create Some Spark With Your Pergola

There are many opportunities and ways to decorate your pergola with lights to make a backyard space more lively.

A beautifully designed pergola must first begin with a Pergola kit (we have you covered!) and a plan.

Here's a smart tip: start with the basics first. Basics do not need to be plain or boring, in fact, in this case, they need to be the complete opposite! Add some spark and excitement to your pergola with hanging lights around the exterior, or some hanging lanterns to illuminate your pergola for a classy evening meal and drinks.

If you want to go one step further, why not hang some outdoor pergola lights around the exterior to make a curtain? This is not only the perfect idea for Christmas time, backyard parties and weddings, but also works just as flawlessly to add some extra sparkle and glamor to your backyard for everyday use.

For a beautiful addition, scented candles on each of the tables will work to bring your backyard to life in the evenings and make your guests satisfied. Used in conjunction with some globe string lights, your pergola will be an absolute dream.

Artistic Ways to Add Shade to Your Pergola

The versatile design of the pergola makes it perfect for day and night use. If the sun is glaring down in the middle of the summer, the first thing you'll need is as much shade as possible. If it's the middle of winter and pouring down rain, you'll want protection from that too.

Here are some more modern pergola ideas:

  • Invest in a pergola shade cover to protect you, your family and guests from unexpected showers

  • Add a pergola sunshade for protection against harsh UV rays

  • Fabric walls around the pergola for a tent-like feel for overall protection from rain, hail, or shine.

Invest in a pergola kit to get started and make your backyard space more functional with these ideas.

Planting Vines and Climbing Plants to Add Color

Planting vines and climbing plants to your pergola makes the space visually pleasing and more comforting.

Everyone loves spending time outdoors in an environment that is vibrant and lively and fortunately, this experience isn't too difficult to create. It's all very simple - all you need are plants and lots of them! Plants have many benefits apart from just looking pretty.

They boost mood, reduce stress and fatigue, help clear the air and add oxygen and help to liven things up. Your garden should already have plenty of plants, but when you add more to your pergola, you are investing in the whole package.

Here are some modern garden pergola ideas to make your backyard more vibrant:

  • Grow some beautiful vines against the structure of your pergola to create a softened look and to add some additional and highly appealing shade.

  • Add some climbing plants to turn your pergola into a lush garden and to significantly enhance your backyard's feel and look.

  • Plant some pergola flowers to make a flower bed masterpiece. You can plan for a variety of colors and flowers, or perhaps you will want to add only one or two types of flowers to keep your space on the more simple side.

Explore our pergola kits, and start brainstorming the right plants and flowers to complement your pergola.

Wind Chimes To Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Adding wind chimes to your pergola makes the space more relaxing and blends with the surrounding noise.

Pergolas are made for relaxation. If you aren't hosting a dinner party, you may be reading a book with your legs perched up on the other chair, or perhaps you are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with the sounds of the birds chirping away in the background.

Invest in some wind chimes for a soothing addition; to add some serenity to your pergola and to create an exceptionally relaxing outdoor atmosphere. It's a small but significant investment to your pergola that you will simply not regret.

Wind chimes have been long known to attract positive energy and will add a tranquil vibe to your space.

Do you have modern pergola ideas for your outdoor sanctuary? Let us know!

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