Driftwood Mantel
  • Driftwood Mantel

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    Inspired by the natural wood that drifts onto the nordic shores of Europe, our Driftwood Mantel is the perfect combination of art and function. This mantel has a unique finishing process that emphasizes the natural grain pattern of the wood while capturing a picture perfect driftwood gray color.

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      A driftwood mantel shelf is a simple, natural, and beautiful way to adorn the space above your fireplace. Inspired by the driftwood that washes ashore along Europe’s Nordic coast, this mantel is stunningly finished in a way that emphasizes the unique natural patterns of the wood. It comes in a variety of lengths to accommodate any fireplace in any room.    





      Driftwood represents many things to different people. It can be a home to insects, fungus, barnacles, and newly budding plants. It can be a source of food to algae-loving sea snails, shrimp, and fish. It can be a building material or firewood for island-dwelling people with scant resources. It can even be a carving material for deft-handed whittlers who appreciate its organic beauty.


      Then there are others who simply like to observe and appreciate the journey of driftwood as it surrenders itself to the flow of time to the waters that carry it, as it makes its way to wherever its final destination may be.


      We appreciate driftwood for all of these things and more. We believe that driftwood represents the very philosophical ground on which Bjorn Woodworks stands.


      Each unique piece of driftwood, with its intricate shapes and patterns, developed steadily over the course of its long journey, holds a stunning natural beauty. That beauty is emphasized by its flaws, its imperfections, its oddities, and its one-of-a-kind natural design. A quick glance may not amaze, but a second, closer look can reward the discerning eye with a sense of wonder. That’s what we hope you find in all of our products.   





      You’ve heard us wax poetic about the magnificence of driftwood, but you may still be wondering what you can get out of our mantel shelf, other than natural beauty and a sense of wonder. If that’s you, not worry. Just read on to find out. 





      The beauty of our driftwood mantel shelf is found in its subtlety. It’s a simple design that will generally suit the style of many different rooms. This gives you the space to be creative, incorporating your own unique tastes into the remaining decor for the mantel, as well as the whole room.





      Each driftwood fireplace mantel is designed to emphasize its natural grain patterns, so every single piece is unique. There will never be another mantel that’s quite like yours. And that means that your mantel will feature its own one-of-a-kind beauty that you alone can enjoy. 





      There is a certain power and presence that something holds when it has been crafted by hand, rather than factory-produced for mass consumption. The relationship between the craftsmen and their work shines through. This elevates the piece to its own special place between functionality and art. That same power and presence are what you get when your cozy hearth showcases our expertly crafted driftwood mantel shelf. 





      Our mantel comes in a wide range of lengths, which means that it can be fitted to your fireplace, no matter how broad or narrows the hearth may be. Just measure the area above your fireplace for the desired length in feet and inches and enter it in when you place your order. 





      All of our mantels are designed to be easily installed by simply anchoring a wooden cleat to your wall. Once the cleat is in place, the mantel can then be safely fastened to it. You don’t need to be a master handyman. All you need are a few simple tools and our easy installation guide.